Integrate Family Planning, Reproductive Health to Combat HIV/AIDS in China

Hongyan Liu, China Population and Development Research Center
Xiaomei Ru, National Population and Family Planning Commission of China

With the HIV/AIDS epidemic is spreading from high-risk populations to the general population, female infect risk is increasing, the way of sexual transmitted exacerbating, the Chinese government reaffirms its commitment to emphasizing the comprehensive approaches of multi-sectional cooperation to combat the HIV/AIDS. So, it is very important that to tackle Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS within an integrated framework. Integrating reproductive health programs with HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment has proven to be the most cost-effective practice. Consistent with this principle, we are seeking an integrated approach to combat HIV/AIDS. This paper have expatiated the rationale for integration of HIV/AIDS prevention with reproductive health. In order to integrate reproductive health to combat HIV/AIDS in China, the NPFPC can do as follow: 1) carry out the IEC & advocacy/behavior change approach; 2) develop the condom promotion activities; 3) Integrate with RTI prevention; 4) HIV/AIDS prevention for floating population.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Fertility, Family Planning, Reproductive Health