Bridging the Gap between the Old and New Race Categories: Comparing Population Estimates Prepared Using Two Different Sets of Bridging Factors

Amy S. Smith, U.S. Census Bureau
Deborah D Ingram, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), CDC

This paper summarizes U.S. Census Bureau/NCHS joint research to “bridge” between the old and new race categories. Two sets of bridged population estimates, each with a different set of bridging factors, are compared. NCHS initiated this research to meet their need for post-2000 population estimates consistent with the old race standards. These data are denominators for their vital rates because the births and deaths are still collected under the old race standards. The original bridging factors were estimated using National Health Interview Survey data which provides both “mark one or more races” and “mark one race” information. This paper focuses on updating these factors using Census Quality Survey data. The final outcome of this research is post-2000 population estimates that can be used by private and public data users to measure changes by race that occurred before and after the new race standards were implemented.

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Presented in Session 60: Measurement of Race and Ethnicity