Fertility and Desire for Children among HIV Infected Persons: With Special Reference to Mumbai

Dr. Ranjana Singh, Indian Institute of Management (IIM)

HIV transmission is likely to increase as more infected individuals choose to have children with their HIV-negative partners. Despite the growing importance of fertility issues for HIV-infected persons, little is known about their actual fertility desires and intentions. This paper gives a review of studies done to examine the effect of HIV on fertility, especially desire for children. An attempt has also been made to give empirical evidence of desire for children and contraceptive use among HIV-infected persons in Mumbai. It has been found that HIV affects fertility directly as well as indirectly. Almost all of the sample population wanted to have children but their HIV-status limited them from parenthood. However, a considerable percentage was intending to have at least one child in any case. Therefore, it generates the need for counseling to facilitate informed decision-making about childbearing and childrearing, and future demand for social services for children born to infected parents.

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Presented in Session 157: HIV and Fertility