Condom Use among Pre-Marital or Extra-Marital Sexual Partners: The Issues of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh

Mehrab A. Khan, Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs
Suruchi Sood, Johns Hopkins University
Shahida Haque, Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs
Mohammad Shahjahan, Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs

This study examines the risky sexual behaviors among men and women without using condoms and the risk for HIV including other STIs. BCCP conducted a nationwide baseline survey of 1,979 male and 1,963 female in both urban and rural areas respectively. Result shows that 20% in urban and 16% in rural areas reported that their first sexual encounter was with the CSWs. Among men who had premarital sex, only 12% in rural and 24% in urban areas reported having used a condom. 35% percent of the urban never married-men said their usual sex partners were also CSWs. Rural men reporting the same was discernibly lower at 18%. Findings suggest that risky sexual behaviors without condoms are at risk for HIV and other STIs. More educational efforts would be needed to them. Policy makers and concerns need to address the issues to prevent HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world.

Presented in Poster Session 1: Fertility, Family Planning, Reproductive Health