Is Lifetime and Recent Incidence of Intimate Partner Violence Associated with Increased STI Incidence and Risky Sexual Behavior among Young Ukrainian Women?

Annie Dude, University of Chicago

Intimate partner violence is associated with higher levels of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, particularly among younger women. In this paper, I use Reproductive Health Survey data on Ukrainian women aged 15-30 to establish whether recent and lifetime intimate partner violence is a significant predictor of a higher likelihood of lifetime STI prevalence, as well as how intimate partner violence is associated with sexual behaviors such as condom usage and number of partners. I find that women who have been abused, or threatened with abuse, are significantly more likely to use condoms, but also significantly more likely to have multiple partners. In addition, young women who have experienced violence, or the threat of violence, are significantly more likely to report a recent genital sore, as well as higher lifetime prevalence of STIs besides HIV.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Fertility, Family Planning, Reproductive Health