Session 68:
Race and Ethnic Inequality

Friday, March 31
8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Beaudry A
Lobby Level

Chair: Jeffrey M. Timberlake, University of Cincinnati
Discussant: Quincy Stewart, Indiana University

  1. Getting and Keeping a Home: A Lifetable Analysis of Black/White Homeownership Transitions in the US, 1969-2003Vanesa Estrada, University of California, Los Angeles

  2. Do Race, Gender, and Age Differences Affect Manager-Employee Relations? An Analysis of Quits, Dismissals, and Promotions at a Large Retail FirmLaura M. Giuliano, University of Miami; David I. Levine, University of California, Berkeley; Jonathan Leonard, University of California, Berkeley

  3. Segregation and Scale: The Use and Interpretation of Spatial Segregation Profiles for Investigating the Causes, Patterns, and Consequences of Residential SegregationSean F. Reardon, Stanford University; Stephen Matthews, Pennsylvania State University; David O'Sullivan, University of Auckland; Glenn Firebaugh, Pennsylvania State University; Chad R. Farrell, University of Alaska at Anchorage

  4. Who Pays the Penalties? Earnings Effect of Ethnic Labor Market Concentration in Multi-Racial Metropolitan ContextsQingfang Wang, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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