Immigration Multiplier: A Method of Measuring the Immigration Process

Bin Yu, Rhode Island College

There have been numerous studies on chain migration, but there have been few studies on the Immigration Multiplier since Jasso and Rosenzweig’s research on this subject in 1986 and 1989. In this research, I developed a relatively simple method for the calculation of the immigration multiplier to measure chain migration using the PUMS data and the INS data. In addition to the introduction of the Immigration Multiplier (IM), I have also introduced the Immigration Unification Multiplier (IUM) for measuring the family unification component of chain migration and the Immigration Reproduction Multiplier (IRM) for measuring the immigrant fertility/reproduction component of the chain migration. This research has presented the IM as the product of the IUM and the IRM, or the combined total number of the first- and second-generation individuals contributed respectively by the original principal immigrants. Using this new IM, this research has illustrated different immigration patterns among different racial/ethnic immigrant groups.

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Presented in Session 169: Migrant Networks: Operation and Effects