What about the Illegal Aliens?

Joseph Chamie, Center for Migration Studies

What should be done about illegal aliens living in the United States? Some advocate amnesty; others strongly believe that illegal aliens should be sent home; and still others are unsure about what to do. Before deciding upon a particular course of action or policy, it seems worthwhile to first examine a few relevant and fundamental issues, such as the number and characteristics of these people and the views of the American public regarding illegal aliens. After addressing such issues, the focus of this paper moves to an analysis of the various options that have been taken and are currently being put forth to deal with illegal migration in the United States. The paper concludes with an assessment of possible government policies and actions likely to be adopted in the near future that may effectively address the increasingly politically sensitive question of what to do about illegal aliens.

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Presented in Session 11: Migration, Immigration, and Population Shifts within the U.S.